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Saturday, April 23, 2011

HAUL YUH .................. shut yuh mouth

this long weekend found me home alone. no kids no boyfriend. so i decided to suppress my lonliness by making a giant make up haul. and this i did. On Friday i met facebook supplier shoe visons who granted me my wish with my full order which included. the much coveted two faced shadow insurance. in no specifice order the shoe visions haul included. 7 elf professional brushes, i elf studio contour brush, i wet n wild 8 pan palette, 2 wet n wild trio palettes, i elf 32 shadow palette, four elf quads with accompanying duo and liner brush, three nyx lip smacking lipstick and 20 empty jars for pressing my loose pigments. i was in heaven i felt like i could just fly away with the angels. of course knowing my self and my anxiety i couldnt wait till i got home to try stuff out so i went to kfc and had lucnh and opened my stuff. the first thing i tried was my shadow in surance. it was light as air and i tested it on my skin and also swatched it with and elf duo. it made the colours pop very nicely so that a 10 in my book. i also swatched my elf duos and the colours from the 32 palette.
when i got home i did a look using the duo with the navy blue and lighter blue and the a look using the blues from the 32 palette. i guess i was feeling blue thats why i used the blues. i was a bit tired and fell asleep with them around 10 pm and got up at 2:30 and i was amazed they had not smudged and didnt crease or anything. i believe this is due to the two faced shadow insurance and i also used amplified as the base for it. but i must say that these shadows will stand the test of time once you have a good primer and base.

today i went to the mall and i decided i would go all dressed up with my make up so i used wet n wild trio in im getting sunburnt. in my haul i had also gotton some mil of magnesia from a pharmacy as i was told this sets ur makeup very well and keeps u from being oily.i must say that my face although a bit greasy its a far cry from when i didnt use milk of magnesia and as i type i still have on my make up that i applied at 11am. the eyeshadow has not creased or faded i have not done a touch up since i applied it. i must say that two faced shadow insurance and wetn wild cosmetics are products one shouldnt live without. if you dont have them get them. i also used nyx white base with pearl to make my shimmery colours pop. and indeed they did. when swatche dthe wet n wild colours are very pigmented these trios are amazing. i hope to have a whole collection and a trio is $25 um actually dont quote me on that because i cant remember the exact price but i dont think it was more than $35. i also swatched the lipsticks i got from her they were really nice and soft and smooth, nyx lip smacking lipstick although $25 is worth it as it gives a really nice soft finish to your lips. i liked those a lot and im not a fan of lipstick.

ok so the picture below is me at pm this evening, this is just to illustrate how well the primer worked. my face is greasy but remember this is after 10 hrs so in my opinion the milk of magnesia worked because i only just started to produce oil an hour ago i too was shocked at hour my usually oily face was grease less.
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Friday, April 22, 2011

make up lovers dream

i was just browsing and stumbled upon this heaven of a deal a complete starter kt with all that you would need as a starter in the business with a tight budget. lord have mercy if i was in the us this would be mine. gosh how i wish i could have this. there are two options. starter kit A and starter kit B. they have everything you need.

lord can i have this please. one day he said one day

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

drag look number 2

after my first drag look was done. i got some advice from a kind makeup artist who gave me some tips for my drag look.
he said i should foundate and cover my eyebrows rather than just the glue and powder for full coverage. he suggested i remember to highlight and define my face which i did and use a dark lip colour for my lips. i listened well and the above pictures are the result. i am very proud of this . hope you guys like it.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sephora Inspired Brush Holder Using RICE!

the look i did with sinful colours artic breeze.

the pictures are edited to show the colour. this is wearable for a night out. or for the office on a friday. it was really easy to blend and not messy at all. i hope i can get my hand on some more. i did a highlight under my eye are with my foundation and then i blended sacha eye primer over it. its the first time i ever did that. i mixed 3 glosses from a gloss palette that i have from beauty treats and it gave that light orange colour that i love. and i applied a false lashes. hope you guys like it i did. lol
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BASICS: Big eyes/small eyes make-up tutorial

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sinful colours review

today i went to wonderful world for the last day of their sale. alot of their items were discounted and all i went lookind for was a matte white eyeshadow. of course they didnt have it. but after going through their stock pile of cost price item i came up these too palettes from sinful colors. these were the only two that werent broken. And priced at an immediate sale price of two for twelve dollars who wouldnt buy them. my first instinct was that they were dupes for nyx trios but every apple has it cheese yes i would buy them as they are much cheaper than nyx. ARTIC BREEZE aptly named this consists of a matte white, a mint green and moss green shadow. the white is lightly pigmented but has some staying power with a good base like amplified. the mint green has a light shimmer and is very soft and is very pigmented with a base. the moss green is a light shimmer to metallic i cant wait to do a look with it. i give this a five palm exploding heart for awesomeness. CITY GIRL this consists of a lightly and i mean lightly shimmered lavender, then irredescent liliac ansdthen a dark shimmer purple. i love the lilac because above the base and the under the light it gives a lovely glow. im not inlove with the dark purple but u can use it for a soft smokey look. i give this a three for potential. these shadows have staying power becar after three hours they are lightly smudged after lots of hand washing. i had to literally scrub it off. i guess its the base that is helping it too. but the colours never faded.
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