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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

orange yellow brown cut crease tutorial.wmv

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Looks for this week

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My wonderful world haul.

Hey so on friday i went to Wonderful World at West Mall. i really didnt need anything but u cant go to the mall and not go to wonderful world. Mind you i was very ill but had some business to attend to at the bank so then after a much disappointing trip to payless.( i didnt get the size of sandal i wanted.). I decided i would go to wonderful world. on browsing i realised i had much of their cosmetics at home but then on slower more careful browsing i stumbled up kiss everlasting french nails. so i picked them up because i knew i wouldnt have enough time to get to a nail tech and i said, what the hell this will save me some money. so i stuck them on in lest than % mins wheni got home. they are very firm and durable. i washed dishes and did other chores with theses nails on. not a chip not a smudge not a fading still shiny. u can wear them for a week and then dicard them and put on the replacements and wear them for another week. today is day 3 of me wearing them and they havent chipped or appeared worn or anything. i will be buying more of theses. i have to try the ones for your toes as well. Below is a picture of the nails and the packaging

After the nails i stumbled upon feather lashes. Finally feather lashes my search was over they were 30 a piece i bought 3 of them and i will be using them to do a rio carnival look and also to attend freedom whic h is Brazilian themed this year. See below for pics.

i also bought myself a pair of shades since my son broke my last pair. $30. however these are very dark and i cant wear them is the sun is not bright when i am driving because it will impair my driving. but they make me look really fly. Talk Nah. lol

last but not least i bought mmyself a kiss power file. i used this today to give myself a pedicure. the files are great. i used tem to buff and shine and file. this is a good buy for any do it yourselfer like me.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

my first photo shoot

last Thursday i got the opportunity to do makeup on the young model for a photshoot for Nigel Reid and for a clothing store advertisement. the model was great to work with and her facial structure was amazing. she too loved her makeup and i also did her hair in the up-do and added the piece as she wanted. i hope i get another opportunity like this soon. my creative juices were flowing when i did her makeup. special thanks for to Nadia Bachan for the opportunity and to Nigel Reid for the amazing pictures.


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foundation review by paula.wmv

a young lady i did for her graduation

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pictures of some of my work

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